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Special Accommodations

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accommodations

The Committee on Bar Admissions provides reasonable and appropriate testing accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act for those applicants with proven disabilities and a demonstrated need for a specific accommodation for the Louisiana Bar Examination. The purpose of this application process is to protect the integrity of the Louisiana Bar Examination and provide equal access to the testing process.

The burden of proof remains at all times with the applicant to show the existence of a disability and the demonstrated need for testing accommodations. Costs incurred in establishing the existence of a disability and the needs for accommodation are the responsibility of the applicant. However, no charges will be assessed to individuals with disabilities to cover the costs of testing a ccommodations approved by the Committee on Bar Admissions.

The Americans with Disabilities Act authorizes the Committee on Bar Admissions to require specific documentary proof of a disability and to establish procedures to evaluate that documentation relative to the accommodation issue. In accordance with that authority, the Committee on Bar Admissions has promulgated the attached forms, which must be fully completed, in order to be considered for an accommodation. As part of the application process, statements from licensed physicians or professional health care providers specifically setting forth the applicant’s condition and the relationship between that condition and the inability to take the examination under standard conditions will also be required. Additionally, the Committee may require further information or evidence from the applicant and retains at all times the right to seek professional evaluation of any information provided by the applicant.

If you are seeking accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, please complete these forms. All forms must be received on or before November 1st for the February bar exam, or on or before February 1st for the July exam in accordance with Louisiana Supreme Court Rule XVII, Sec 4(E).

Bar Exam ADA Accommodations Forms

Submit the above packet to:

The Committee on Bar Admissions
2800 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Suite 310
Metairie, LA 70002

Courtesy Arrangements

If you have a health-related condition that can be addressed in a standard testing room, without deviation from the standard testing schedule, you may request courtesy arrangements. Some common courtesy arrangements include:

  • Permission to bring an assistive device into the secure exam area, such as diabetic supplies, a lumbar support or a lactation pump
  • Special seating arrangements (e.g. near restroom)
  • Special arrangements for lactating purposes.

Please contact Denise Leeper as soon as possible for instructions on how to request a Courtesy Arrangement for Health-Related Conditions. Be aware that you will need to provide medical documentation to support your request.

The Committee must receive a Request, with supporting medical documentation, by December 15th for the February Bar Exam and May 15th for the July Bar Exam.

Note: This does not apply to testing accommodations based upon a disability, which are governed by the procedures, timelines and requirements of Rule XVII. For information on requesting testing accommodations based upon a disability, please access the ADA Accommodations forms found above.


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