First Time Applicant Instructions

(Print this page as a checklist)

Applicants must complete and submit a Bar Examination Application to the Louisiana Supreme Court Committee on Bar Admissions (LASCBA) and complete and submit a Request for Preparation of Character Report to the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE).


The application period for the February examination is September 1st to November 1st. Late applications will be accepted until December 15th. A $750 late fee will apply.

The application period for the July examination is December 1st to February 1st. Late applications will be accepted until May 15th. A $750 late fee will apply.

Pursuant to Court Rule, original hard copies of the Bar Examination Application, Request for Preparation of Character Report and all required fees must be received (not postmarked) by the deadline date.

Anticipated law school graduates who did not timely register in the Law Student Registration Program, recent law graduates or members of another bar:

  1. Create an account on this website
  2. Submit the on-line Bar Examination Application form.
  3. Download and print Bar Examination Application, Authorization and Release Form, and Dean Certification form.
  4. Sign and notarize, where applicable.
  5. Complete the top portion of the Dean Certification form and mail it directly to your law school. Dean's Certificates are due 45 days prior to the commencement of the examination.
  6. Mail the Bar Examination Application form, the notarized Authorization and Release form and the $875.00 application fee to LASCBA (deadlines apply; see above):

    2800 Veterans Memorial Blvd. Suite 310
    Metairie, La 70002

  7. Late applications (received no later than December 15 for the February Bar Examination and May 15 for the July Bar Examination) must include a late fee of $750 payable to LASCBA in addition to the application fee.
  8. If you were enrolled in one of the ABA accredited law schools in this state and could have, but did not, participate in the Law Student Registration Program, include in addition to all other fees, the Late Law Student Application Fee to be paid to LASCBA in the amount of $300.
  9. In addition to sending the completed Bar Examination Application to LASCBA, applicants shall also submit a Request for Preparation of a Character Report to the NCBE. Follow the prompts on the LASCBA website to access the NCBE forms.
  10. Create a Request for the Preparation of Character Report to be sent to the NCBE. For instructions, click here. You MUST submit your application for character report electronically.
  11. Mail the completed request, required forms and fees to the NCBE at (deadlines apply; see above):

    National Conference of Bar Examiners
    302 South Bedford Street
    Madison, WI 53703-3622

  12. Louisiana Specific Criminal Background Instructions/Forms – First Time Louisiana Bar Applicants and Law Student Supplemental Applicants must print and complete the forms associated with this link on the NCBE Character and Fitness Online Application Home Page and follow all instructions provided. Law Student Registrants are not required to submit these forms.
  13. If you have not already done so, contact the MPRE Records Department at (608) 280-8550 or at to release your score to Louisiana.
  14. If you are a member of the Bar in another state having passed the MPRE in fulfilment of the bar admissions requirement in your state of admission, and your MPRE score is more than five years old, LASCBA will accept your MPRE score if LASCBA receives a letter directly from the CLE office in your state of admission stating that you are current in your CLE obligation for the year that you are sitting for the examination.
  15. LASCBA will acknowledge receipt via e-mail message.

The deadline for accepting Late Applications (May 15th 2013) has passed.
This Application is not accessible.

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